Tuesday, 2 April 2013

AEM and Hybris Integration Example

Hybris Integration:

To have the e-commerce capabilities, you need to install the Adobe Experience Manager and Install the following packages using package manager (These packages are available on Adobe Package Share). AEM  has an e-commerce framework available in it, which is installed when you install the AEM.

  • cq-hybris content ( It has hybris API's implementation)
  • cq-hybris server ( in case you do not have a hybris server)
Hybris Example with AEM :- 

To implement an e-commerce example. Follow the below steps:- 

1. When CQ and Hybris servers are up and running

2. Open siteadmin

3. Open English (US) Geometrixx Outdoors page in Siteadmin      (http://localhost:4502/siteadmin#/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US)

4. Open the Men's category page (http://localhost:4502/cf#/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US/men.html)

5. Open Jola Summer page (http://localhost:4502/cf#/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US/men/shorts/48576.html)

  •  Switch colors (variants)
  • See product name changing
  • See available sizes changing

6. Open the Ashanti Nomad page (http://localhost:4502/cf#/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US/men/shirts/3209.html )

7. Switch to the Hybris interface https://localhost:9001/hmc/hybris

  • Login: admin/admin
  • Click Home
  • Login again (same credentials)
  • Click on any link; login again if required
  • Switch to the English interface (top-right)
  • Click Catalog/Catalogs
  • Expand outdoors -> outdoors - Staged -> men -> shirts -> 3209
  • Click on 320984-L
  • Show that it refers to the L variant
  • Click price (top bar), change price (e.g. from $29.50 to $22.00), save (top left)

8. Back to CQ

9. Show Ashanti Nomad again http://localhost:4502/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US/men/shirts/3209.html, select L variant with new price

  • Select size variant, click add to cart
  • Click Cart (#) http://localhost:4502/cf#/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US/user/cart.html, show cart
  • Click one product link
  • Update a quantity from the cart
  • Delete an item line from the cart

10. Back to Hybris

  • Browse through Marketing -> Order statistics -> Carts
  • In main page, click search
  • In Results section, click Date column header to order by date, check that the latest cart is from the current date
  • Double click the latest cart
  • Show that cart items (and prices) are the same as in CQ cart
  • Change the quantity of an item and save

11. Back to CQ
  • Show new quantity in CQ Cart
  • Checkout
This is an example of implementing cart and a checkout. In a similar manner, a simple cart system can be implemented.

For more information, find http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/ecommerce/eCommerce-framework.html